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DEFINITION OF REFLEXOLOGY: Reflexology is a scientific healing method based upon the principle that there are energy zones that run throughout the body. The feet seem to be an entry way to the entire nervous system, as reflex areas in the feet correspond to all the major organs, glands, and body parts.

From ancient texts, illustrations, and artifacts dating to 2000 B.C., we know that the early Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Indians, and Egyptians, worked on the feet to promote good health. In the 1930s, Eunice Ingham, a physiotherapist, mapped out the entire body onto the feet. This map has been used universally ever since with just a few minor variations. This ancient healing method is experiencing a reawakening in popularity in the United States..

By working the reflex points, reflexology can reduce stress and bring about relaxation; circulation improves, and the body cleanses itself of toxins. Reflexology balances the entire system and recharges energy. Because this is a holistic science, it is considered preventative health care.

 Recent studies have also included hands in reflexology. Reflex points in the hands and feet represent the entire body. By working the feet or hands, the body is brought into balance.

Over time, pressure applied to the feet re-trains the body to handle stress differently and to maintain the polarity of energy best suited for that individual.

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Please read when Reflexology should NOT be used.