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"What a refreshing experience! I came for a night out and got so much
more out of the evening. I cannot wait to try my bath fizzes.
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Our licensed and insured practitioner will travel to your location with all necessary equipment to perform chair massage. We will work in the area of your facility that works best for you.

Your guests remain fully clothed yet receive the benefits of massage. No oils are used. Each massage can take as long as you want (minimum charge will be two hours for on-site chair services). We can also present techniques through which to lessen every-day stresses in your life.

We can also offer reflexology services (or reflexology combined with paraffin dip) to your and your guests.

By working the reflex points in the feet and hands, reflexology can reduce stress and bring about relaxation; circulation improves, and the body cleanses itself of toxins.

Please review our chair massage and reflexology services as well as our relaxation products and to discuss your vision of your perfect home party.

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