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Relaxation of your body and soul are important to your health. Create your own stress escape. It can be as simple as changing the environment with scents, sounds, and sights. Consider an aromatherapy treatment or massage.

Set aside time to exercise, stretch, meditate, do yoga, take a long hot bath. Push yourself to make time for this. [Instead of spending 1/2 hour watching something on television you're not really interested in, do something special for your mind and body.]

Just 20 minutes can work wonders! Be good to yourself! If you don't respect and take care of your own body and mind, who will?

Get a professional massage, reflexology, reiki, chair massage, or polarity treatment.

Massage has many benefits. The more often you get a massage, the quicker the results, and the longer it lasts. It reduces stress, loosens tense muscles, and stimulates circulation to your brain and body.

Anything from a 10-minute chair massage, to a 1-1/2 full-body massage, is extremely beneficial.

Please consider our spa massage or on-site chair massage services. Use the links at left or above to learn more or contact us for more information.

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