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 The Benefits of Regular Therapeutic Massage


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  • Relieve pain, stiffness and tenderness throughout the body usually caused by strain.

  • Results are cumulative. Effects are immediate and on-going.

  • A muscle being massaged has three times more blood passing through it (improved circulation). This increases the nutrients brought to the muscles.

  • Lactic acid, the by-product of strenuous or repetitive muscular exercise, is removed. Buildup of toxins is relieved.

  • Regular massage causes muscles to become firmer and more elastic. Muscular atrophy caused by inactivity can be delayed by massage.

  • Massage aids in the removal of metabolic waste products by stimulating the lymphatic system throughout the body. Massage can be used to detoxify ones body.

  • Mental strain is reduced and a feeling of deep relaxation is achieved through massage. Regular massage can bring relief for insomniacs.

  • Abdominal massage will assist peristalsis, the wave-like involuntary movement of the alimentary canal, and can aid in relieving general constipation.

  • Massage allows the client to become more aware of the body, enabling a state of equilibrium of the internal environment called homeostasis.

  • Massage produces a redness and warming of the skin called "hyperemia" and brings nutrients to the skin.

  • Edema (excessive interstitial fluid in the tissues) is reduced with massage [as long as it is not caused by an obstruction]. This lessens pain and facilitates movement in patients with this condition.

  • Massage helps maintain muscle movement and a productive range of motion.

  • The friction upon the skin's surface and underlying layers helps to prevent the development of adhesions following an injury to tendons or connective tissue. Scar tissue left untreated with can be quite painful.

  • Improved body metabolism is associated with massage.

  • Massage produces a greater feeling of well-being and confidence within the individual. It can help ease depression.

  • Massage is a wonderful therapy for prevention, maintenance and healing.

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